Wills and Estate Disputes

For caring, expert legal support in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and surrounds.

Estate disputes can be messy, complex and emotional.

Losing a loved one is difficult enough let alone having to engage estate lawyers and be involved in an estate claim or contesting a will.

We’ll help you through the legal process with compassion and make sure you understand every step of the process with clear advice.

  • You believe you have been treated unfairly in a will or by the rules of intestacy  
  • You have concerns about the deceased’s capacity (e.g. they had dementia or cognitive impairment) or whether they were influenced when they made their will  
  • You’re an executor or administrator of an estate, someone is making a claim or challenging the will and you want to uphold your loved one’s wishes. 
  • You’re a beneficiary dealing with executors who aren’t doing their job  
  • You’ve noticed mistakes or ambiguities in a will  
  • Promises made by the deceased in their lifetime are not honoured in their will  
  • You’re dealing with power of attorneys who have breached their duties  
  • You suspect financial abuse of an elderly or vulnerable person  
  • You want to achieve an amicable settlement  
  • You want to maintain family relationships 
  • You want to reduce the impact of legal costs on your inheritance 

Fixed Fees  

We offer fixed fees which means our focus is on resolving disputes in an efficient and cost-effective way rather than how many billable hours we can charge. 

Once we meet with you and get an understanding of your case, we’ll provide you with a tailored fixed-fee proposal for various stages of your claim. This means you know what you will pay from the start and there are no ‘uh-oh moments’ when the bill comes. 

No Win No Fee* and Deferred Fees 

Not many people can afford to pay a lawyer but we believe strongly that everyone has the right to access legal services, despite their financial circumstances. In most cases, we’ll act on a No Win No Fee* basis or defer payment of our legal cost to suit your financial circumstance.  

Here are some blogs we’ve written to help: 

Three ways a will can be challenged 

Get a complimentary assessment of your estate claim or dispute.

How it works:

Get clarity on what you need by booking a free chat.
Get a plan by attending your initial strategy and recommendation meeting with us.
Get support. We’ll walk with you through the whole process ahead.


  • If you have an entitlement to an estate, you won’t have to pay your fixed fees until you receive your entitlement from the estate.  
  • If you are an executor or administrator of an estate, we can defer payment of our fixed fees until assets are received by the estate.  
  • We may ask you to pay money towards expenses such as court filing fees. 
  • Terms and conditions apply and can be provided on request.  
  • No Win No Fee means that you only pay our fees if you are successful in your estate or superannuation death benefit claim.  
  • Sometimes there may be expenses such as court filing fees that will be payable by you whether you are successful or not. Once we’ve assessed your matter, we will tell you what these expenses might be.  
  • If you aren’t successful, you may be required to pay your opponent’s legal costs. 
  • We do not charge an ‘uplift fee’ or a percentage of the amount you receive from your claim by acting on a No Win No Fee basis. We simply charge our fixed fees which you only pay if you are successful. Terms and conditions apply and can be provided on request.  
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